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Well, I do. I do feel that. I think many of the things that have happened subsequently that have led to this Inquiry may not have happened if we had been able to enact, and I think in the interest of the good majority of the press, the press wouldn't have fallen into the disrepute in which the criminal activities have laid it. If these changes had been made, I don't think many of the things that subsequently happened would have happened. So in that sense it was a missed opportunity.

But it was a missed opportunity that was unavoidable. It wasn't a missed opportunity just because we shirked it. It was a missed opportunity because we couldn't do it. It's the votes point again. We did not have the votes to do it. In addition to that, of course, there were the general philosophical differences and the problems of drafting. But the underlying problem -- cut away all the extraneous stuff; we couldn't have carried it through Parliament. So it was a missed opportunity, but it wasn't one, in the event, that could have been taken.

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