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The plain fact of the matter is if one or two journalists misbehaved and lost their jobs, others wouldn't misbehave. It is in the hands of the employer to make sure things are done properly in the media, as it is in every other business and every other part of life. It can be done. People at the top cannot just wash their hands in Pontius Pilate fashion of what has been done in their name.

There is a culture of getting stories. If that culture leads to wrongdoing, then the culture needs to be looked at and the culture needs to be changed and it can be changed by the people at the top. Whether my prescriptions are right or wrong -- I'm entirely prepared to believe that they may be wholly misguided or wrong, but I don't think the fundamental point is wrong: that it lies in the hands of those who own and control and run the newspapers to ensure that they do not infringe the individual legitimate liberties of the citizen. And then one has to find a balance between legitimate investigative journalism and the sort of malpractice that this Inquiry has heard of so often. Not easy, but I think necessary.

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