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I think I have talked around it on a number of occasions. There's not a great deal I wish to add to it. I re-emphasise that the responsibility for press behaviour must lie ultimately at the top, and I think it lies in the hands of editors as well as proprietors. It is often said that editors have editorial independence, and often I'm sure that is true, but the plain fact is editors know their proprietors' minds. Of course they know their proprietors' minds. They sit down with them. The proprietor may not say, "Do this, do that", but the editor knows.

Now, on a number of occasions, I know editors very bravely went against what were known to be the views of the proprietor and I admire them for it. That isn't universal, though. But the point is the proprietor and the editor can set the climate and I think should accept responsibility for the climate that they themselves set.

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