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I shall probably remember them at about 3.30, if there are. I can't immediately think what they are at the moment. I think I made the point earlier that I would like to make. If I didn't make it earlier, and if I repeat myself, I apologise, but I do think at the end of this Inquiry it is very important that we finally put this subject to bed and we put it to bed by having a system that is acceptable. If nothing happens at the end of this Inquiry, if Parliament is unable to reach a conclusion and nothing happens, then I'm not entirely sure of the signal that sends out. I don't know how fair that is to the honest and honourable majority of the press, who lose out because they don't often have salacious stories because they don't go out and get them in the way the less respectable press do. So I think we need to curb the worst to protect the best, and I think that is what I hope will be the outcome of this Inquiry in due course.

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