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Yes. I mean, looking back on it, the -- I'm not sure this is an irony, but the interesting thing is that I actually feel that the regularity of my contact not just with editors and proprietors, but with journalists, political editors and so on, was actually much more intense in opposition than it is in government. I think that's partly actually because of the physical location of where I was working. If you're in opposition, you work in Westminster, so you physically share the same space in Westminster as journalists do, and Portcullis House is a -- wander through that, and you'll always have passing conversations with any number of journalists.

The interesting thing is, of course, if you're in government, you move into Whitehall and you're considerably more cut off, and so the nature of my interaction with proprietors, editors, political editors and so on is in a sense much more formal, and I would say much more sparing now than it was when I was in opposition. Not that the intensity of that contact in opposition necessarily shifted the underlying indifference towards the Liberal Democrats which I alluded to earlier.

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