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Yes. I had a number of conversations with editors and proprietors of news organisations who were very hostile to the BSkyB bid. Quite understandably and rightly, they took the opportunity to say to me, "We don't like it for X, Y, Z reason". I didn't act on their views, and obviously made it clear that this was a process being dealt with in its own sort of box, if you like, quasi-judicially by, as it turned out, two secretaries of state over a period of time. But nonetheless, I can't think of any other area where a commercial interest would be able to come to a senior politician and privately say, "I don't think your government should do X or Y because it harms our commercial interests."

But the best antidote to that is that politicians, as I said earlier, just listen, keep their distance, and refer the issue where it impinges on formal business to the formal government system.

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