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Yes. Yes. Yes. And as is reflected in one of the exhibits in the bundle, there were -- for example, if one were to look back on the editorial written by the Guardian in support of the Liberal Democrats in the run-up to the General Election -- well, the editorial speaks for itself. They were very explicit that the reason why they were, from the Guardian's point of view, breaking with existing precedent of supporting the Labour Party at that time was because of their support for electoral reform, which they thought was most likely to happen if the Liberal Democrats did well in the General Election, so it was very much a sort of issue-specific endorsement, if you like, which of course was the subject of discussion.

I observe, by the way, not to sort of make any wider point, but I observe that as it happens, that support didn't last very long, because the Guardian, for perfectly understandable -- I don't agree with it, but perfectly -- reasons which are entirely legitimate for them to hold, were disillusioned with the creation of the Coalition and the Liberal Democrat entry into it, and when the referendum on electoral reform happened, which was the issue upon which they had supported us, the Guardian was quite sort of ambivalent towards it, so it just shows these things can change very quickly.

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