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Just before you change subject to that, just on the same topic, could I ask this: it has been suggested -- it's also been denied, but it has been suggested that there is a difference between the approach to journalists that was certainly adopted by the Labour Party after 1992 and up to the 1997 General Election, which then they took into government, which, as I say, there's been difference of opinion. Some say that was a mistake, some say that that would seem reasonable. I appreciate that your position looks at the whole problem from a slightly different perspective, but I'm interested in your view as to whether there is or should be a slightly different relationship between the way that you try to tell your story when you're in opposition, the way in which you do when you're in government, and whether there are risks there. To some extent you've commented by saying there's just less contact and it's more policy specific, but there is a more general issue there which I'd be very interested for your view on from your perspective.

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