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Well, it's clearly a big learning exercise for any party and any set of individuals who enter into government for the first time. It's a very different sort of environment to work in, but to be honest, I was in such a different position to that of the Labour Party in 1997. I explained earlier, we didn't have any big media groups who were sort of batting for us. In fact, we were constantly batting for any attention whatsoever. It was a completely different dynamic. We came at it from a different trajectory.

I also think of course coalition government is one of the many, many differences. If you are a single party going into government with the team you had in opposition transplanted directly to government, everything remains intact. Coalition is a mix and match of different teams, and the Prime Minister and I had to fuse two teams together from two totally different political perspectives in pursuit of a new whole, a coalition government, and that by definition means you can't carry on doing what you did in opposition going into government because you are working in a completely different political setting.

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