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Quite simply, it's not something I'm immensely proud of as leader of the Liberal Democrats, we just have a very open, deliberative, democratic process of policymaking and, like any leader of the Liberal Democrats, sometimes frustratingly painstaking, it takes a while and it's based on a series of working groups which look at policy X and produce papers which are then debated in our party conferences and then amended and voted on, but I think it is a -- you know, I think it is a wonderful inoculation, if you like, against undue influence over our own party policy because it's done in such a systematic and open way, and it's not up to the individual leader -- I sometimes wish it were -- to simply rewrite great swathes of party policy. It's something we do in open, deliberative fashion. And I will always defend that. I think it's a good way of making policy and I think it's a very good way of making sure that all views are properly reflected.

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