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Well, I mean I have been struck from my position -- because there am I in government seen to deal, as we all are in government, with a range of things where our main preoccupation, quite rightly and self-evidently, is the economy, is employment, is this unbelievably difficult job of kind of repairing, rescuing and reforming the British economy -- I am just struck that you can have conversations with people where that over-arching national concern is swept aside by a forensic interest in the conduct of this Inquiry.

Why I'm umming and ahing a bit is because I don't in any way want to suggest that the Inquiry is not immensely important, but it's more important for those who it directly affects than it is for people who are worried about the price of petrol when they fill the tank in their car and when they go out and find it difficult to make ends meet and do the weekly shop. It's just that as a politician I observe that importance is in the eye of the beholder.

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