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I think I've generally taken two attitudes. Firstly, genuine admiration for the kind of innovative restlessness of News International as it's sort of constantly pushed the boundaries, constantly exploited new media, challenged the old practiced way of doing things. As someone in my position who rather likes the idea of sort of insurgents coming in and shaking up existing vested interests and incumbents, I always rather admire the slightly sort of iconoclastic feel to the Murdoch view of the world. I genuinely admire that.

That's been very much balanced, if you like, by classic old-fashioned liberal concern about the dangers of having too much power concentrated in the hands of too few people. That is why rules on competition and plurality, the need for transparency in interaction between big vested interests and the press and the politicians is so important.

I start from the basic premise that a healthy society is one in which you just don't have too much power concentrated in a small number of people's hands.

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