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It is, actually. Whilst of course there is now more information available, not least the private notes written from Jeremy Hunt to the Prime Minister on the subject, to be fair, they don't actually materially add very much to, for instance, what was then already publicly known was a statement from Jeremy Hunt on his own constituency website that he was a cheerleader for Rupert Murdoch, or whatever the wording was. So in many ways all that I think we've learnt subsequently is that there was more material confirming Jeremy Hunt's own views, but they didn't actually affect the content of what was known at the time.

And very, very clear on this, not least because of course separately there is discussion in Parliament about the application of the Ministerial Code to Jeremy Hunt and the work of his special adviser, I think on the specific point about how he handled the bid to make sure that he was insulated from accusations of allowing personal bias to drive the process, I think he's given a full, good and convincing account to this Inquiry.

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