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I'll follow that up a bit.

I can quite understand the general point that you make, and as I said to somebody earlier this week, I've spent my life for 12 years as a judge making decisions about legal issues where I might have personal views about the subject matter which are entirely irrelevant. The judicial review to challenge the site of a nuclear power station -- I've done one of those, so I've deliberately chosen it -- I might have views about nuclear energy or not, and I can easily put them to one side and focus on the legal test that I'm required to apply. I have no doubt at all that making decisions about wind farms or nuclear energy and climate change, which I mentioned to Mr Miliband yesterday, or making decisions in other areas of policy, politicians are entirely able to put their personal views to one side while at the same time, if it affects their constituency, say, "Well, I must now recuse myself", as you have in relation to one of the topics you've talked about before, and say, "Well, it might be thought I'm a bit close to this, therefore somebody else ought to take it."

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