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Yes. The Irish model certainly I think is fascinating because the way they've got around the -- for want of a more elegant way of putting it -- the Desmond problem is, if I understand it correctly, they've in effect said: if you, a press organisation A or B, want to be provided with the protections under a new defamation law -- and this has echos here because we're debating a new defamation bill which is a very pro freedom of press piece of legislation, incidentally, which the Coalition is pursuing -- if you want to have those protections, you must enter into the regulatory system. You can't have your cake and eat it. You can't have your protections under that law and not be part of the regulatory system. It's just a very novel way of making sure that you get complete buy-in, but you can't -- but that's not possible without statute acting as a carrot for those incentives to be effective.

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