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I have not yet heard anyone make a persuasive case that you can have independent regulation with teeth and full participation of all parts of the sector in a way which is premised on a pick and choose, take it or leave it -- no, not take it or leave it, pick and choose participation. I haven't yet heard. If someone comes up with something like that, great, because then we get out of all this polemic about these dastardly politicians want to trample on the freedom of the press.

Nobody would be more delighted than me if we could find a way of getting to this holy grail of strong independent regulation without the politicians being accused that somehow they are trying to stick their nose in. Great. But I have to say I've not yet heard anybody -- and as I say, some of the most ferocious critics of the purported motives of the political class in all of this, for instance Mr Dacre, themselves have said that maybe Parliament does need to play a role in making sure that there's full buy-in across the sector.

I only labour this point because I think we're in danger of having rather synthetic argument --

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