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Look, I think we have a once in a generation opportunity to clean all this up, to restore public confidence in our great press, and let me be absolutely clear, the public confidence has not been shaken because of press attacks on people like me or celebrities. It's Milly Dowler. It's her family. It's Chris Jefferies, this poor man who was dragged through the press accused of being a murderer in effect when it was entirely false. That's what's really angered people, quite rightly. It is outrageous that innocent people who didn't ask to be put forward in the public eye at all are destroyed like that.

That is what's at stake. I think we have a once in a generation to sort all that out. The best way I think it could be done is if this Inquiry could come forward with quite precise proposals which deal with many of these issues we are now discussing, and I certainly will then play a very active role, assuming they are strong, robust and well thought through, to adopt them on a cross-party basis, and I was very pleased to hear that Ed Miliband in the name of the Labour Party said the same thing.

This cannot be the subject of endless political argy-bargy, and I would, if I may suggest, I would suggest the less room you give, sir, in your recommendations for politicians to make endless mischief about this and hold it up by having endless debates and maybe further inquiries, the better. Because we've been here so many times now, it's been called the last-chance saloon in the past, been here countless times before, got an opportunity to sort it out, I personally think that we must and can and will do it in a way which actually celebrates and protects rather than denigrates or undermines the freedom of the press. It can be done.

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