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I very much agree, sir. I'm merely stating that there have been times in the recent past in Scotland where the Sun has been vehemently anti-SNP as in 2007 and the Sunday Times gave us editorial support, and there are times like now where the Sun is pro-SNP although neutral on independence, whereas the Times in Scotland is very hostile to independence. So the idea of the papers, News International's, that were hunting as a pack doesn't accord with the experience we've had, but other witnesses I have no doubt can defend their own opinions. I can report to you what has been said.

Incidentally, can I suggest that this email suggests that rightly or wrongly, naively or otherwise, I took very seriously the argument that you should approach the editors and make your position and see if you could convince them, and in this Fred Michel email what I was trying to get across was I didn't want to see a London veto on a Glasgow editorial decision.

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