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I think yes, I think -- let's put it this way. If I was canvassing, I think he would still be in the don't know category rather than the certain to vote category, but certainly I think that's a fair description. He's interested in the idea, I think he himself said in evidence he had a certain warmth to the idea, but he has questions and scepticism, as people are entitled to do.

I think what was important about this meeting, and very helpful, was the statement that the current debate on Scotland's constitutional future which he was keen to emphasise continued to make Scotland an attractive place for inward investment. Some newspapers, including one of the News International newspapers, perhaps had been suggesting that might not be the case, so it was quite important to get a reinforcement of that. Recently that's been said, for example, by leading executives in Lloyds, for example. So it's a view and also validated by a number of surveys which shows that Scotland is the most attractive place for inward investment at the present moment and the most successful place for inward investment in these islands, but it was quite useful to have that view from Mr Murdoch at the meeting.

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