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No. Well, that's certainly not the case because I would regard the two meetings I had with him in 2007 and 2008 as convivial meetings.

As I say again, in relation to other politicians who have been before you, my number of meetings with Mr Murdoch are very few in comparison. But I hope and believe that these meetings have been conducted on a cordial basis and discussions, certainly one we had on his family roots was a very warm discussion. I hadn't fully appreciated, for example, that Cruden Bay, which was in my Banff and Buchan constituency, I knew his grandfather had been a minister there -- I'm open to correction here but I think he told me that one of the companies in News Corp is Cruden Investments or something, but named after the parish where his grandfather was minister. To me that's an interesting thing. I mean, I tend to -- I tend to admire people who keep an affinity for Scotland.

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