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Well, can I say that that date is not the date of the referendum. That's not the preferred date. It's a possible date, certainly. And if I could explain why it would be my interpretation -- your straight answer, do I know, the answer's no, but my interpretation: it's public knowledge that we have -- we're going to hold the referendum in the autumn of 2014. It's also a reasonable assumption that you wouldn't hold it after the clocks change at the end of October, by tradition and just because you don't like to hold elections or referendums with less daylight.

It's also public knowledge that it was said that we're not going to intrude on the great sporting events of the Commonwealth Games and the Ryder Cup during the campaign, the Ryder Cup finishes at the end of September, and there's also a reasonable assumption that you could make that the consultation which is ongoing and will -- after we consider the results of the consultation we will set the date of the referendum, but that consultation gives a strong steer that we're actively considering a Saturday date as opposed to the Thursday date, because of the aim of increasing turnout.

If you do all that, you end up with only two or possibly three Saturday dates, so I think it's serious question of a good piece of detective work, but as we said immediately following the article, this is not the date. It is a possible date, it's not a preferred date, and the date will be decided in due course when the referendum consultation is analysed.

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