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That's as I understand it as well, sir, but it is voluntary, still. People have to decide to abide by the code. As you rightly say, the incentive to abide by the code perhaps is the carrot in terms of a defamation action, and secondly, given that all these titles -- the Irish Daily Mail, which I'm sure is a wonderful paper, the Irish Daily Mirror, the Irish Daily Star and the Irish Sun, as well as the Sunday Times in Ireland -- abide by the codes now, and I haven't seen anything to suggest that they believe that this code is an unreasonable restriction on the freedom of the press, which is the second in my list of hierarchies.

It is at least worthy of consideration. I'm glad to hear that the Inquiry is looking at it, and if you could add on a wee Scottish aspect after you've looked at the Irish aspect, then I'd be very grateful, sir.

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