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Well, I think we are probably getting pretty close to that point now, after what we have seen in the last year, after the evidence that has been given to this Inquiry. The Inquiry has heard from a number of politicians who have lamented the fact that they possibly did get too close to proprietors. My own view is that it was totally unnecessary. I don't think it was necessary for Tony Blair to chase after (inaudible) in whenever it was, in 1995. There was absolutely no doubt at that time that support for the Conservative Government was going and that certainly the Sun would end up supporting New Labour.

We, as reporters, had watched this, we would see this happening. We would shake our heads and we would wonder why they were bothering, because it normally always ended in tears, and we have seen that in the most recent case, we have seen it with Gordon Brown and his angry speech to the House of Commons. I mentioned John Major earlier, and Tony Blair, who courted the press, ended up calling us feral beasts. So it did all end in tears, I think.

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