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I think the different is that France, in a way, is even more -- there is more entanglement between politicians and journalists than there is even more than in the UK and much, much more than in the US. That is that as in Italy and other cultures, journalists quite often -- especially political journalists -- adhere to a particular political current and to particular political characters and are, in a way, part of their circle. So it is more collusive, much more collusive than it has been in this country, much more than in the United States.

I think it is less the case now but has been the case that when a politician -- indeed, when a public figure -- is interviewed, say in Figaro or Le Monde, the interview is then passed to the politician or public figure for his or her approval, or at least comment, so that the interviewee can then amend or correct the interview after it has been given.

That, in this country, would rarely be done. If it were done, it would never be admitted.

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