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Yes. Generally, it has been the case -- one has to say that the presidency of Mr Sarkozy marked a profound difference, I think, and many French writers have marked that. Before then, it is well known that the private lives of politicians in France -- Mr Dominique Strauss-Khan immediately clearly comes to mind in this, but others too -- could enjoy an immunity from any publication of the details of their private life, even though, as is often the case, journalists knew them or suspected them.

So private life, until Sarkozy, was something quite apart. Sarkozy marked a difference, because he coincided with the power of the Internet and there was much gossip and revelation on the Internet, which sometimes passed into the press. So now I think the French press is in a transition between a period where they marked a very sharp difference between public and private -- the way that our press and the American press used to do, some decades ago -- to one where it is closer to what they would call the Anglo Saxon.

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