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There is in -- I keep instancing the United States but it is the best example of it. The Committee for the Freedom of Journalism, I think -- the main body which, in a way, is rather like and is the inspiration for the idea of a journalism society is funded in this way by the Pew Trust. Pew is one of these big American institutes which were funded, often decades ago, by a wealthy individual and has a large foundation and a large fund. Sorry, I beg your pardon, I have remembered it: the Committee for Concerned Journalists.

It is by far the most important body within the United States, mainly in the newspaper section, for dealing with issues of journalism standards, issuing a yearly and very influential account of how journalism has gone in the US -- say, for example, how many foreign correspondents there are, how many have been cut, how many bureaus remain and so forth.

That is funded not by the industry, not by the state -- the state funds very little in the media in the United States -- but funded by a very well funded institute, the Pew Foundation.

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