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I think that one sanction is to make sure that the offending and -- the offence would have to be very clearly established, but once it had been clearly established the offence on the part of the publication or the broadcast should itself receive as much publicity as possible, that the regulator, the council, would have the power and should have the influence to put it in the public domain and expect it to get some salience in that public debate, especially on television.

In other words, what one would seek to do is to raise the game. At the moment, of course, PCC -- the upholding of complaints to the PCC are published. They are published to the offending member. They can be published anywhere in the newspaper, but they are published and usually are published -- in fact, I think always published in full, but they receive little attention.

I think what one would seek to do is to raise the game, and that is to give -- and this would be partly by example, partly by the leadership of the council, whatever it might be -- to say, "This is very important. An important breach of public trust has been committed by X newspaper and we wish to take some time to put it right." The function of ombudsmen in newspapers has been -- and in this country, there are very few of these, the Guardian is one -- has been to draw attention in a much visited part of the newspaper to something which has gone badly wrong within the newspaper.

Again, the better example is in the United States, where both the Washington post and New York Times had ombudsmen who were exceptionally given huge space -- in one case, the ombudsman reported, at many pages' length, a piece in the magazine which, in his view, had been comprehensively been misreported.

It is that kind of making a fuss about it, making sure that the audience understands that this is a large -- this is not just a routine matter; it is a large and important matter because a large number of people have been misinformed and that is a bad thing. That, I think, is the main sanction that should be developed.

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