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I have no recollection of that discussion. It is possible that Fred Michel mentioned the Labour Party during the conversation. What strikes me about the way in which this is phrased is there is a, to my mind, implication here that I was offering strategic advice to News Corp for the furtherance of their bid, which was, at that time, in progress, and that I was offering that advice with the implication that Vince Cable would be receptive if they took one stance or another in relation to the Labour Party.

That I completely reject. I would not have offered advice in those terms. I have to say, I have no particular insight into the thoughts and workings of the Labour Party on this and most other matters, but in this case, I suspect that a passing reference has been over-interpreted and exaggerated in Mr Michel's record and it doesn't reflect the conversation which took place.

The notes which I took of the meeting, the contemporaneous notes, don't make reference to this point, and as I say, I have no specific recollection of it being discussed.

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