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I thought they were sympathetic. I thought it was helpful to be able to get hold of someone on a Saturday afternoon to assist in getting the message out quickly to the media. I thought the point about me -- as we have gone through before, it was me drafting a letter for them. I don't know how they would have dealt with it if it hadn't been a lawyer on the line, but certainly one has to remember that if Edward had been trying to do this, there is absolutely no way that he would have been in a position to draft anything and indeed, I do doubt or -- I am not sure quite how well known that 24-hour helpline is. Certainly Edward wouldn't have known anything about it. The reason I know about it is because I am a media lawyer.

But -- and I know -- I think probably their circulation of the letter to whoever they did circulate it to may have been helpful in dampening down the media issues. As I say, all I know for sure is that at the memorial service, there didn't seem to be any --

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