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"Wednesday 27 October, 9.00 meeting. Fred Michel, News International. An extraordinary encounter. FM is very charming. He tells me News Int papers will land on VC's desk in next two weeks. They are certain there are no grounds for referral. They realise the political pressures. He wants things to run smoothly. They have been supportive of the coalition but if it goes the wrong way, he is worried about the implications. It was brazen. VC refers case to Ofcom -- they turn nasty. Then he talked about AV [this was obviously the run-up to the AV referendum campaign] -- how the Sun might help the debate -- use of good graphics to get across case.

"James M has met Nick -- he could be receptive to case. Times will give it fair hearing. So refer case and implication was clear. News Int turn against coalition and AV."

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