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Yes, I think that is pretty clear from what happened around the first Calcutt report, the second Calcutt report. I think the most sensible people in politics and outside of politics were aware that something had to be done to curb the excesses of some of the tabloids, but there was really no stomach within government to do anything about it, and that is pretty obvious from what happened afterwards, when Calcutt 2 reported and the whole thing petered out. I read with interest what John Major had to say about that, and I don't think he undercooked that particular pudding. I think there were all kinds of reasons why, when push came to shove, politicians were reluctant it to do anything about this, which was one of the things, actually, that actuated my putting in my statement and desire to say to this inquiry that it is absolutely crucial that whatever comes out of this, it is so clear-cut that politicians can't slither off into the undergrowth, because slither off into the undergrowth is what they will do, given half a chance.

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