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Yes, it was -- it didn't count against, which, again, you know, you can say was a mistake. I mean, I think one of the things that -- I mean, I think the nub of so much of the problems that have happened, certainly the Murdoch press, was that he was able to buy five newspapers. I don't think anyone would say Sky poses a great threat to individual freedom in this country, whereas some of the Murdoch newspaper titles have done. It is a shame in a way that it was not possible, because of circumstances in the newspaper industry when Murdoch bought in, to retain a much broader ownership structure where more people were empowered to come into newspapers.

I also think it is a shame that people are free to own newspapers in this country without any real connection with this country, or a long-term connection. Mr Murdoch changed his nationality from Australia to America because in America, the land of the free and free enterprise, they do have a rule that you can't own certain media assets without being a citizen. I think some of the problem with coarsening of newspaper culture in this country has been that Rupert Murdoch never really bought into the society in which his newspapers had so much influence. He was an occasional visitor you know. The plane would land and he would either go to his office or Number 10, depending on his fancy.

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