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They are comment on what the police themselves have said. You know, for instance, take -- well, first of all, the comment I make when I feel particularly appalled was made by the editor of the Guardian, who -- I didn't sit in his office when he received these two gentlemen, so I wasn't to know.

Similarly with DC Yates -- I remember very well having to bone up on this because it coincided with a newspaper review I was doing, ironically for Sky, and when he said that he couldn't be expected, a man of his seniority, to be going through bin bags, and it would have taken six officers a couple of months to go through the bin bags. Well, I think, frankly, if that is all it would have took it would have been much better if they had done that.

So it is comment based on their comments which lead me to draw conclusions adverse to the manner in which they conducted themselves -- and I have said I think their performance on this was abject -- but also to make it clear that where then is the last line of defence the public can rely on to be told all of this? Why, with the press.

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