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I think that is right. I mean, no system is perfect and indeed, you know, we, like any other organisation, audit our compliance with the law, with policies and with procedures that we have set out, and we do that in relation to the Data Protection Act on a reasonably regular basis. We probably had an audit a couple of years ago and we will probably have another one during the course of this year, for obvious reasons.

In the course of those kinds of audits you always find things you can improve and as technology moves on and practices move on you need to amend the things you are doing to make sure you are keeping up and doing the best that you can.

But in this particular instance, for as long as there is a piece of paper that somebody can write information on and take it out of our building, especially if they are incentivised to do so, I don't believe there is something we could do that could safeguard completely against that.

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