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That is a potential one. I don't think it's likely to happen. I just don't see that -- there is a sort of floodgates point taken sometimes, but I don't see where the flood is going to come from. There was a limited number of -- even arguable claims, I would have thought, on any day of newspapers getting published.

But supposing it were to develop into a problem, it's relatively easy to solve, I think, because you can have either some sort of filter system, this would involve an appropriate person, whether one of the panel of experts that we already have or someone else, saying that this is hopeless, and as it were striking out the claim. Alternatively, and I think this is really a better way of dealing with it, to have the reserve power to make an order for costs against anyone who brings a claim which is manifestly a hopeless and speculative one.

So I think it can be controlled in one or other or both of those ways.

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