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Indeed. So it is, as your Lordship says, an inquisitorial approach. Ombudsmen also tend to view their role as going beyond dealing with the particular cases that they deal with, but drawing lessons, general lessons, and then feeding them out generally to government and public regulators and consumer bodies.

Typically they are quicker and cheaper than an equivalent case would be in a court or tribunal.

We tend in ombudsmanry to use the term unit cost, which is the total cost of the ombudsman scheme divided by the number of cases. Typically that would range between about GBP500 and about GBP2,000. That doesn't mean a case costs between GBP500 and GBP2,000. That's, as I say, the total costs. So you are throwing all of the enquiries and all of the outreach activities in for free, as it were.

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