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Certainly. Just touching on your last point, I think likely the complainant will almost certainly not be a customer of the newspaper. Our public sector colleagues, of course, do have a role in weighing the public interest when they deal with complaints that they deal with.

So far as private sector ombudsmen are concerned, they can be established in one of three ways. Either established by statute, the financial ombudsman, the legal ombudsman, for example, were established in that way. Or they can be underpinned by statute in the sense that the law requires that there be an ombudsman which satisfies various characteristics, but doesn't actually establish the ombudsman, and the industry or some other body is left to bring forward an ombudsman who meets those characteristics. Examples there are the property ombudsman and the energy ombudsman.

Or an entirely voluntary scheme established by an industry or trade association, but with independent governance, of which the most recent example is the removals industry ombudsman, although the banking ombudsman scheme to which you referred earlier was originally a voluntary scheme.

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