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Yes and no in the sense you are right there is a degree of duplication, because there may be certain issues which are being looked at from a redress point of view and from a potential sanction point of view. But they are being looked at in different ways; and what the ombudsman is looking at is not has somebody deliberately set out to do somebody harm. It's: have they done somebody harm in circumstances where the liability ought to fall on them, rather than the person who has been harmed?

So it's a different quality of investigation. And it's perfectly possible during the course of the ombudsman investigation for the business on the receiving end to say, well, these are matters of judgment and now, with the wisdom of hindsight and looking at it very carefully, we can accept that perhaps we did get it wrong here and that we ought to provide some redress to this sort of person, which is an approach which is very difficult to take if at the same time they are accepting to somebody who is acting on behalf of the regulator that they have made a mistake.

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