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Yes. The Association has put forward its views at two sorts of levels. So it can see the possibility of a role for an ombudsman as part of whatever new machinery emerges as a result of the Inquiry's work. But it doesn't pretend to have a view on the whole apparatus, and can quite see that the judgment as to whether there ought to be an ombudsman, and how the ombudsman would fit in, is something that has to be decided as part of looking at the overall fabric in which an ombudsman would operate.

So to that extent the Association's views are tentative. The Association's views are far from tentative, however, when it comes to the characteristics that it would look for if an ombudsman were to be created, which in a sense brings us back to your opening question. The Association would be extremely unhappy to see something created which was called an ombudsman, but which was not in reality an ombudsman, and which did not have all of the characteristics which are set out in the Association's published criteria for ombudsman schemes which have been recognised also by the Cabinet Office.

Then there's a list which I won't repeat, unless you wish me to, in bullet point term of how perhaps those principles would play out if the Inquiry were to recommend an ombudsman had some role as part of the apparatus.

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