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That was of course the point I was making. I wasn't seeking to make any particular comment about the Guardian or the Independent on the one hand, or the News International titles or the Daily Mail on the other. It may be just an issue of measurement.

I have interrupted Mr Jay. I'll just interrupt him a bit more.

It's very important that I tie in what you're suggesting to my terms of reference, and that I don't seek to take on rather more than I have been asked to do, because there'll be no small number of people who are prepared to point out what I have been required to do, and to identify if I have extended my brief.

So I just need to be careful, and just so that we all bear it in mind, I certainly have to deal with the extent to which the current policy and regulatory framework has failed, including in relation to data protection. And I have to make recommendations:

"... for a new more effective policy and regulatory regime which supports the integrity and freedom of the press, the plurality of the media, and its independence, including from Government, while encouraging the highest ethical and professional standards ..."


"... for how future concerns about press behaviour, media policy, regulation and cross-media ownership should be dealt with ..."

So how future concerns should be dealt with by all the relevant authorities, including Parliament, Government, the prosecuting authorities and the Police.

So I'm not sure that extends to my saying, however much former Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition have encouraged me, that I think there ought to be this cap.

So I need to think about it.

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