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In practice the sanction that we have is the requirement for the newspaper or magazine to publish a decision upholding a complaint.

The conditions for recognition laid down in the Act make it quite clear under the schedule to the Act that one of the -- that:

"The procedure for investigating, hearing and determining a complaint to the Press Ombudsman shall..."

And there's a number of subsections there. And it adds:

"... provide for the taking of remedial action by the member of the Press Council in respect of whom the complaint was made consisting of any or all of the following."

So as long as the Press Council satisfies at least one of these procedures, it can be recognised. And broadly speaking, we satisfied Parliament and the minister in relation to number 1 of that, the publication of the decision, and to a degree number 2, the publication of a correction of inaccurate facts, because although we don't determine the form of any correction as such, the decision of the Press Ombudsman very frequently includes a correction of inaccurate facts.

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