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I'm the last person to comment on the morality of our footballers, one way or the other.

No, the principal issues that -- there are two separate sets of issues, if you like. Some of them arise under principle 5, which is the privacy principle, and I think it fair to say that newspapers generally, and myself and the Press Council in operating the code of practice, would be guided to some extent by the cultural realities of -- and context of the country in which we live and move and have our being. And these may vary from country to country.

But all I can say is that I believe that the interpretation of the privacy aspect of our code is fairly close to -- reflects fairly closely the cultural context of our country.

In relation to misrepresentation, that's basically principle 1, where it is a breach of the code, not only to publish something that's inaccurate, but something that is a distorted report or misrepresents a situation.

We haven't had any complaint about the private lives of individuals being misrepresented by a newspaper or by another publication under principle 1. It simply hasn't arisen.

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