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It's interesting that the Convention contemplates in Article 10.1 the licensing and regulation of broadcast media, but not of the print media.

I do not myself think that regulation of the print media of itself is incompatible with Article 10. The question must always be proportionality.

Just take as an example at one end of the scale -- I'm not suggesting for a moment this is what the Inquiry has in mind -- but if it were said nobody can publish news in the United Kingdom unless they have a news publishing licence, it would seem to me that that would probably be something you could not justify under Article 10.2.

On the other hand, if there was a system that said, "If your sales of a newspaper are more than 50,000 per issue" -- or whatever the figure is -- "if so, you must subscribe to this system of regulation," I think that probably would be justified.

Anything in between, then I think there are potential arguments. The closer you get to licensing, the more difficult it will become.

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