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Well, the issue is that if you had a media tribunal which was like an Employment Tribunal, which effectively just decided on causes of action against newspapers, you would have all the advantages and disadvantages of a tribunal system.

In other words, you would have potential inequality of arms issues. You would have, as with the Employment Tribunal, a very large number of cases, a lot of litigants in person, and it is bound to be quite costly.

The other side of it is that, it seems to me, one of the big issues in relation to media regulation is not the individual complaints at all. It's systemic failings. If you are going to deal with systemic failings through a system of media tribunals, you have to have a media law which enables you to bring action in relation to systemic failings in a tribunal, which itself is not straightforward.

I'm not saying it's not possible. I mean, I think the Calcutt recommendation was along those lines.

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