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No, there is a Finnish -- set out in the Media Act in Finland there is a right to reply, and there is one in Germany under the German constitution.

But when I asked the press councils about this, they said, "You must understand that is entirely separate to the scope of the Press Council. That is a right that you would pursue, and it's your right as a citizen, through the courts. What we do is to provide a different remedy in terms of publication of our adjudication, and we are led by the standards set out in our code. That's separate to the courts".

In fact I have to say, each of the Press Council shares and ombudsmen made this point to me. Even the Danish Press Council chair, who is also a Supreme Court judge -- that's how it's also established in Denmark -- made this point that the right to reply that is administered by the Press Council is very narrow. It's a correction of very specific factual inaccuracies that could have -- that you would say, as a complainant, has materially affected you or disadvantaged you or had a negative consequence. But again, that is separate to the courts.

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