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Well, I think there is an issue about convergence. And I have to say, I started looking at this about a year and a half ago for the Reuters Institute, before the phone hacking scandal. So just looking at the discrepancies that now seem to be arising between not so much complaint mechanisms, but as citizens, what should our expectations be of content that's out there? How is it that broadcasting is, you know, regulated by comprehensive statutory rules, whereas the press is subject to voluntary rules? Online to barely no -- any rules at all. Video-on-demand to two very, very circumscribed editorial rules.

And yet it's all starting to look the same, combined with influential bloggers, new media, a whole debate going on there that simply doesn't fit currently comfortably within the regulatory structures. And I think that's where these tensions have arisen. They're being faced by the press councils, as I said, all over the world, and I believe they were there before this Inquiry, and they have been bubbling up for some considerable time.

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