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It's a very difficult question to answer.

In Germany, I think you can point to -- I mean, I pointed to two examples where press council members were required to publish the determinations of the press council adjudication, and in one case Bild newspaper put the headline as "Crazy Press Council Decision", then ran the adjudication, and then afterwards, with a right of reply that they have under the German constitution, wrote, "This is clearly a rubbish decision and we stand by our story".

So that's one indication of an issue over compliance. Bauer Media in Germany currently has not published the adjudications from last year, and is refusing to sign the voluntary undertaking that exists in Germany to publish those determinations.

So that's an issue there obviously in terms of how successful the press council in that completely self-regulatory way is, and actually, you know, managing its constituents.

If you measure by complaints --

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