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Yes, although I think that works out -- I mean, in Germany there's very vibrant public space, public debate blogs that enter into debate over this. It's almost as if the press council is one area of debate and regulation. But if the press council cannot oblige one of its members, as large as Bauer, to publish its adjudication, obviously there's a serious issue there.

But if you're trying to measure this in terms of complaints and complainants, then I think press councils point to mediation as one way of remedying what the public are asking for.

So in Australia they -- as the press council chairman put it to me, he feels that adjudications are the sort of absolute last resort and really where everything else has failed, because a simple remedy, you know, an elderly widow whose son's suicide has been all over her local press and misrepresented in some way may want something very specific and very swift in terms of a takedown or an apology, or whatever it might be, and you don't need to get to the formal adjudication side.

So it's difficult to use any measures to say, "This demonstrably works because you get X number of published adjudications" --

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