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The little I can say is that my own view is that because of the importance of a free press and the cultural importance of thinking we live in a nation with a free press, moving too quickly to something that looks like legal enforcement of these duties would be worrying, and it seems to me that -- I've seen some of the proposals around, so things like have self-regulation with a statutory backstop. I've seen some of these proposals. I mean, I think things like that could strike the right balance and to do so -- I think the thing I'd want to stress would be the importance of making it clear that this kind of regulation involves answerability to the public. It seems to me that's perhaps the thing that struck me as following most directly from the principles I outlined, that the press plays this very important role in constituting a public sphere and because of that, it should be answerable to the public for that role.

So if you're going for something like the statutory backstop to self-regulation idea --

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