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This is one of those cases where it seemed pretty clear to me that there are ethical duties here that aren't being respected. Whether we should use law to enforce them -- here I'm suggesting we do -- again, I think we need to be tentative. But the thought was that there seems to be -- one of the cultural difficulties at the moment is the sense that directors and managers are not very willing to identify with the thing they direct or manage and that this might be one way of increasing that identification so that you feel genuine shame if your body -- by "your body", I mean your corporate entity for which you manage -- if that does something wrong, even if it wasn't your fault in an individual sense.

So that's the purpose of the suggestion, and I would want to add to it that idea that it's one of those cases where we have a clear ethical duty. Should we have a legal duty here? Perhaps; perhaps not. I think we have to think about the knock-on effects of it and that's something where someone with legal expertise to follow that through should come in.

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